Remember that RPG that’s going to get announced?

Some updates! No other game has its name so far! A release date will not be announced until it’s finally time! I’m working on adding one more mechanic to the game and then that should be it for the main system of how things work. (Vague enough, hopefully). I don’t know about a lot of details, like if I’ll keep the game singleplayer, what the age rating will be for my game or the demo… but, a lot of work has been done these past, umm… it’s March 2020 now… so, past 7 months?? I don’t know, but it’s taken a long time to make the prototype! (The prototype I find promising as I’ve been able to add a lot of things like story and mechanics in). Feedback on this project will be essential to guide its direction. I’m very enthusiastic about where it’s headed, and I’m working my best on this – not holding any secret game development technique back (this time).

“what about that RPG you finished”

I finished that and it’s going through the third revision process. After that, it should be ready for release, though this is one of the rare times I’ve discussed it here -_-

The third revision process involves making an OST for the game. As someone who doesn’t compose music often it’s a bit harder than expected, but my new project (almost called it by its name there! whoops) is getting an entirely original soundtrack (with some songs re-used from Super Speedy Laser Cats, but not many. Only one or two from that).

Anyway, my new RPG (not the one I finished) is going strong into this year – now it’s March and the game’s still on the first… part, I guess – it’s going to be unlike anything I’ve made before, so if you like all those platformer games I’ve been making (or if you don’t like them, that’s ok too – I have a new platformer project in mind that may be more… interesting) then look forward to something new. However, this game is still in a super rough state right now – rough rough draft. That means it’s going to be buggy and glitchy and may even mess up save data sometimes, so I’ll need a lot of feedback to improve it. I don’t expect the first edition to be perfect, but I think with some improvement it can at least become how I want it to be.

For now read the “questions I ask myself before publishing a game”:

Platforms the game will be on?

Right now, I could say “computer” because computational devices are most often used to develop video games. However, for consoles or PCs or laptops or phones I cannot promise anything. I am interested in console development and believe it is a desirable field of interest as a game developer.

Will the game come out?

Probably, but not soon. It will come out when it’s finally time for it to awaken (tried to make it sound cool but it sounded better in my head)

What’s the game’s name?

I cannot currently share that information due to a new policy of not revealing anything until it’s finalized (or has the label “in development” on it).

What’s the game about?

I’ll discuss what it’s about when it’s time to reveal a trailer or screenshots or something.

What can I expect?

You can’t expect much from this game… yet – roughly twenty five minutes of gameplay are confirmed so far. A lot of time has been spent planning and working out story details.

Where does the game take place? When?

That’s a secret

Who’s working on the game?

The site admin – as a one person team I will reach out to get help from more people I can easily request help on this project from. They will be credited in some way.

Is it related to Capsule Dragons?

No, but an item is a “capsule dragon”, which will not appear until later in the game.

How many players?


Is the game open source? Can I copy materials from it? Can I…

Licensing is a tricky process and this game is my own work. I will update this part of the questions when I get a response about licensing a game or copyright.

Getting ready for a reveal of my new indie RPG. Unlike my previous RPG I made (but didn’t publish) this one may eventually end up getting a full release date, trailer, announcement, name, etc. However, due to ongoing technical difficulties in development, the game’s reveal will be delayed about two months or more from its original date. Updates will be posted here when applicable, but for now I’m busy fixing up the game. The game’s original soundtrack is going along alright, but it’s… not decent enough to publish yet… so, for any updates on what kind of music you can expect to see in this new RPG. I hope to get a demo released officially (that’s right, in an actual game storefront someday!) with public beta access about a year or two after the demo’s release, however plans constantly change and there may not be a demo or beta or even a finished game within that time. The release date for this game is about fifty years after the game takes place, which is the temporary release date for now but that may change. Please do keep in mind trademark filing may be necessary at some point and a name reveal will not happen until I find out that my game’s name can be approved as a suitable option… until then there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. This is the second (technically, third) role playing game I will be working on that will eventually be fully finished. The first RPG I made will not be released publicly due to development issues and quality control issues, but the second one (the one I made before this one, anyway) may be referenced in this new RPG I will be making. In my roughly three years of experience making role playing games please keep your expectations very low for the demo. Those of you with higher expectations, do not expect the game to be as great as the vagueness makes it sound. I believe with enough time, effort, and revision I may end up publishing this game, but I will not make any official announcements until then. A reveal of the demo may happen within ? to ? years. site admin

It appears to be February soon?? Well I guess it’s time for another news update. Wait, isn’t it February? Hmm… even I do not know. Anyway

Capsule Dragons game development is on a pause for a while – I do want to work on platformer games again, but I’m working on a very big RPG project that I happen to also be doing music (and a chance to do art for) as well as the overall story and character abilities etc. Right now most of the game is planned out, and it’s taken me a bit longer than a few months to get about thirty minutes of gameplay done. I still can’t talk much about this game in terms of plot, gameplay, or what the title is (Yes, I do have a temporary title… but, I can’t reveal that yet) as it’s all in development and doesn’t have an official page up for it yet – remember, it won’t get one until a long time, maybe the year the game takes place in (if it takes place in the future or past or whatever). I have a lot of work done on characters, plot, some music and the overall prototype is coming along well. A lot of progress, really – but it’s only me working on this game so don’t expect a demo to just show up soon or anything. Again, releasing demos takes a while as even though I may have a demo ready to play, it’s not going to be able to be played until I find a way to make it playable. Reputable online game storefronts appear to be an option, but are rather expensive for releasing a demo of a game, don’t you think? The previous RPG I was working on is indeed finished, but will probably not be published because even with a year’s worth of revisions it’s not going to be a game many people would enjoy. The new RPG I’m working on probably won’t get published either, but has a lot more “quality of life” improvements – and game mechanics. I would like to go in-depth about how the game works and who the characters are and what the game actually is, but I probably will only do that when the game’s ready to get feedback about it. Right now there’s not enough content for me to release a demo and ask “So, players, what do you think? How can I improve this game?”. In game development I would like to get some feedback, so the official feedback comments section may open up on this very site Capsule Dragons, but, that will also take a lot of work and I do not have an estimated time amount for when things will be ready. Keep in mind the less this site gets updated the more I am working on games – and, that good games take a while to develop. As of right now I do not know how much of my RPG (role-playing game) I would say is completed, but the introduction and first major story event have been finished. That may sound like enough for a demo, but considering the scale of the game and the fact that everything about it is subject to change, I will not update any details on it until then.

happy new year, it’s 2020 ! well it’s the next decade, which means Capsule Dragons has been around in sometime 2010s to now 2020 – even if it’s not 2020 yet it will be soon… what will happen in 2020? (how many times did I type 2020 here? 20/20 times) I don’t know what will happen but hopefully Capsule Dragons HD will get more updates. If I add them, that is. I will soon… in 2020!!

UPDATE: CAPSULE DRAGONS HD BETA NOW LIVE!! go play it and tell me anything you want changed at

November 30 2019:

ok that s it time to release public beta of capsule dragons hd. it doesnt have music, but, i can add that later

Capsule Dragons series is now 6 years old… well that’s a long time (about half of that was the development of a cancelled Capsule Dragons game…)

so now to celebrate i announce that Capsule Dragons HD (on does indeed retain its original release date sometime 2021. If I somehow get a lot of work done on other projects like the role playing game I’ve been talking about, then it might see a release date closer to quarter 2 of 2020. However, Capsule Dragons HD has been a very… tedious project originally, and has most the code done. I’ll upload screenshots of the development build if I have time

Some newer updates (November 17 2019)

–I’ve been writing a lot of game reviews recently. I’ll be posting them to the website soon. As a game developer, you can expect honest game reviews from someone like me! Well, assuming that I know what I’m talking about. It’s only my first try at game reviews, so don’t expect anything noteworthy yet.

–The revision process for the other RPG is still 80%. I have a lot of music I’ve already made that would fit the game, I believe, so I’ll be finding a way to import them soon.

Some new updates (October 24 2019)

–Been working a lot recently on role-playing games I’m developing. I can’t say much about them right now, but the one that I worked on for three years is going strong through the revision process and beyond. The revision process is 80% complete, more like 60% complete, but will include custom music (eventually I’ll compose more music) more custom NPCs (Non playable characters) and limiting the scope of the project to the right amount of content. I’m also working on another role-playing game, which I’m taking a break from as it is probably the hardest project I have worked on (besides Capsule Dragons Adventure). A lot has happened with game development, music development and more recently so I’d like to get out more news faster, but, I might be working on a new monster-collecting game in Scratch soon. (or C#, haven’t decided yet).

–Also busy composing more music for a few games, that’s interesting, but, I don’t have any of the official music released anywhere yet (I also don’t have a copyright for my music yet, at least this game’s music) and that’s something. I don’t know a lot as a musician but I find music a small hobby of mine that might be used to make better Capsule Dragons music in the future. Character themes for my role playing game are something I’ve considered.

–Capsule Dragons Tower is still canceled. I have no plans to bring it back, but you might see concepts from it as a whole game mode someday.

Capsule Dragons HD development will eventually continue. sorry for the delay in updates. i have been busy working on a role playing game that cannot currently be discussed here. However, I would like to show off the AI that can play Ultra Battles Countered as Red and win most battles. Eventually. It’s a work in progress but can beat me as meta characters. -ZoruaAl (October 7 2019)

Capsule Dragons Adventure is 5 years in development! After looking through some old concept art and some papers about the game, I’ve remembered I started working on the project one June 24th long ago. Hopefully all you keeping up with the Capsule Dragons website have played the demo! There’s a free demo on this website… if you can find it. Think of it like a scavenger hunt.

Anyway, it’s the end of the month so I need to post new updates again. If you go to the left side of the website, you should be able to read “ZoruaAl on posts” or whatever news I post to this website to keep up with development news. As of right now, Ultra Battles Countered is fully playable (go check it out! ). A lot of work on Ultra Battles Countered has been done, so Super Speedy Laser Cats will be the next game to get updates, and then Capsule Dragons HD. I’m still working on these indie games! Oh, and, make sure to keep an eye out on updates… the early access for Super Speedy Laser Cats is coming soon!!

What is the game? Go read the “Ultra Battles” section of the Capsule Dragons website.

Another development update, multiple days in a row??!! update: Yes I know I announced I was working on an RPG that was already some 3 long years in development. A demo and a place to comment about the game will both be available for free here soon. Very soon. (soon)

Development update 3 (final one for May 2019): (Near time of May 28): Well, this RPG is coming along slowly, for the span of about 3 years. Maybe more. I’ve been polishing up a few extra things to get that demo running great! Oh, and the demo? Can’t release a demo yet, as I am still playtesting through the whole game. The demo is coming very soon, possibly June! (soon and June rhyme, so that worked out!). What about Capsule Dragons?? Is this even a Capsule Dragons RPG?? No, this is not a Capsule Dragons RPG (-_-). This is instead unrelated to Capsule Dragons, although there will be a reference or two to the series, which is a RPG with turn-based actions and a unique battle system. As of now no more details can be said, because almost everything is subject to change. For Capsule Dragons news, I guess I can say that Capsule Dragons HD just needs more music. That’s pretty much it. Capsule Dragons HD still comes out early 2020, so check back… often! Wow, I should get back to work on my RPG already, shouldn’t I? Until next time!

Development update 2: Been working on an RPG for a long time. It’s coming out soon. More details to be given later, maybe with a demo. If there’s a demo, you’ll be able to send feedback directly to me so I can review the game. I can’t say anything else about this game, other than that it’s being reviewed. Update: Demo will be ready soon, but there’s no finalized release date. From the last few weeks to today, May 25/26, I’ve been constantly revising the game and getting the demo ready. This RPG has taken a lot of effort and time… I hope anyone playing the demo will give feedback on the feedback forms that will appear! (Note: Demo not out yet. Coming soon!)

The news below about “Capsule Dragons Tower” is of a cancelled game. Capsule Dragons Tower has been cancelled due to development problems with the platforming mechanics.


New month, new arcade game. The Capsule Dragons Arcade expands with another new game (more info to be revealed soon), temporarily titled Capsule Dragons Tower, launching Summer 2019. Development has just begun.

For those long-time Capsule Dragons fans (if there are fans, thanks for being patient) they will have remembered Capsule Dragons Universe. For those of you who do not remember or know, Capsule Dragons Universe was a cancelled prototype of a new Capsule Dragons game, where the player had twenty different weapons to run, jump, and attack with through exploring single-screen levels.

This concept of different weapons leads me to conclude to a new, arcade-style game. In Capsule Dragons Tower, the player explores an infinitely-high tower filled with enemies and randomly-generated single-screen levels. Every enemy can instantly defeat your player… but luckily, every five levels (one floor) you go through, you gain a different (or if lucky, the same) weapon to use to progress through the tower. Eventually, the player will encounter harder enemies with more health. The player can only get attacked twice before returning to the start, so see how far you can get and try to get a world high score!

The beta’s release will be Early Summer 2019, and the game comes out Summer 2019. Now, whatever happened to Capsule Dragons HD, I wonder?

Capsule Dragons Tower launches Summer 2019 on , so check on my account page for any updates (besides here, the official Capsule Dragons website!).

Good day to all you people out there,


Remember that battle game with a demo uploaded here, called “Super Speedy Laser Cats”? This is what’s being worked on right now, while Capsule Dragons HD is a side project. Capsule Dragons HD is so close to being done, but it still needs a lot of testing, music and sounds, and maybe animation. This quick development update is mostly to say that Super Speedy Laser Cats, a four-player battle platformer game, without a release date, is being worked on now while Capsule Dragons HD is being finished.  Super Speedy Laser Cats is getting bugfixes, gameplay balance updates (?) and more! Trying not to add too much content, the game is going well, however, it is not the time to announce a release date yet because the game is not close to completion.

That means Capsule Dragons HD’s release date of early 2020 has been moved to early 2021, which is from delays being with the game not being done yet. There are still quite a few music tracks left to make…

Right now for Capsule Dragons HD there are some bugs where the player goes into a new Chapter/section of the game and the boss there doesn’t say the right thing for that area.  Update: bug fixed! The game is looking nice (HD) in vector graphics.

Oh, and some more information on Capsule Dragons Adventure– this project is just not being worked on right now. There are a lot of things going on with Capsule Dragons HD and Super Speedy Laser Cats, so Capsule Dragons Adventure will not have a release date yet or any new information– most of the game is being redone, including sprites, levels, music, and more. If it’s going to be a good game, it needs to be polished up and have enough content, but not too many features, for the player to enjoy. It’s a large-scale project being mostly redone, so if a release date were announced, that would have to get pushed back even further than Capsule Dragons HD’s release date, meaning there’s no specified time when the game will be ready.

Capsule Dragons Super Dash is available to play on the Capsule Dragons website! It’s an infinite runner where you have to dodge stuff. 

play Capsule Dragons Soccer Smash on your phone, tablet, or computer at

play Capsule Dragons Super Dash on your phone, tablet, or computer here!

Some news about Super Speedy Laser Cats: There will be new ‘battle rules’ that you can use to customize gameplay– not all of them are finalized, so I can’t share that information –but they might be things like adjusting how often powerups spawn, how much damage each cat takes, etc. The project is going well, and Capsule Dragons HD keeps getting new additions as well.

Capsule Dragons HD, on Scratch, comes out Early 2021. A finalized release date should be ready in early 2020, with the temporary release date (listed) as Early 2021. Look forward to more features, a score tracker, and more! Can you get the world high score? (When it comes out of course… busy with Super Speedy Laser Cats)

Go check out the Capsule Dragons HD tab on the webpage- it got updated as of today! (January 2019)

Working on a new project:

Super Speedy Laser Cats

It’s a multiplayer battle game you can download the demo for, here! Look forward to more news on it later, maybe more demos. Full game doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming along very well. Updates about it are at the top of this page.

Special code to play as Icey (In Capsule Dragons HD/Demo): Shiny1

More special codes coming soon!!

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