Capsule Dragons HD development will eventually continue. sorry for the delay in updates. i have been busy working on a role playing game that cannot currently be discussed here. However, I would like to show off the AI that can play Ultra Battles Countered as Red and win most battles. Eventually. It’s a work in progress but can beat me as meta characters. -ZoruaAl (October 7 2019)

Capsule Dragons Adventure is 5 years in development! After looking through some old concept art and some papers about the game, I’ve remembered I started working on the project one June 24th long ago. Hopefully all you keeping up with the Capsule Dragons website have played the demo! There’s a free demo on this website… if you can find it. Think of it like a scavenger hunt.

Anyway, it’s the end of the month so I need to post new updates again. If you go to the left side of the website, you should be able to read “ZoruaAl on posts” or whatever news I post to this website to keep up with development news. As of right now, Ultra Battles Countered is fully playable (go check it out! ). A lot of work on Ultra Battles Countered has been done, so Super Speedy Laser Cats will be the next game to get updates, and then Capsule Dragons HD. I’m still working on these indie games! Oh, and, make sure to keep an eye out on updates… the early access for Super Speedy Laser Cats is coming soon!!

What is the game? Go read the “Ultra Battles” section of the Capsule Dragons website.

Another development update, multiple days in a row??!! update: Yes I know I announced I was working on an RPG that was already some 3 long years in development. A demo and a place to comment about the game will both be available for free here soon. Very soon. (soon)

Development update 3 (final one for May 2019): (Near time of May 28): Well, this RPG is coming along slowly, for the span of about 3 years. Maybe more. I’ve been polishing up a few extra things to get that demo running great! Oh, and the demo? Can’t release a demo yet, as I am still playtesting through the whole game. The demo is coming very soon, possibly June! (soon and June rhyme, so that worked out!). What about Capsule Dragons?? Is this even a Capsule Dragons RPG?? No, this is not a Capsule Dragons RPG (-_-). This is instead unrelated to Capsule Dragons, although there will be a reference or two to the series, which is a RPG with turn-based actions and a unique battle system. As of now no more details can be said, because almost everything is subject to change. For Capsule Dragons news, I guess I can say that Capsule Dragons HD just needs more music. That’s pretty much it. Capsule Dragons HD still comes out early 2020, so check back… often! Wow, I should get back to work on my RPG already, shouldn’t I? Until next time!

Development update 2: Been working on an RPG for a long time. It’s coming out soon. More details to be given later, maybe with a demo. If there’s a demo, you’ll be able to send feedback directly to me so I can review the game. I can’t say anything else about this game, other than that it’s being reviewed. Update: Demo will be ready soon, but there’s no finalized release date. From the last few weeks to today, May 25/26, I’ve been constantly revising the game and getting the demo ready. This RPG has taken a lot of effort and time… I hope anyone playing the demo will give feedback on the feedback forms that will appear! (Note: Demo not out yet. Coming soon!)

The news below about “Capsule Dragons Tower” is of a cancelled game. Capsule Dragons Tower has been cancelled due to development problems with the platforming mechanics.


New month, new arcade game. The Capsule Dragons Arcade expands with another new game (more info to be revealed soon), temporarily titled Capsule Dragons Tower, launching Summer 2019. Development has just begun.

For those long-time Capsule Dragons fans (if there are fans, thanks for being patient) they will have remembered Capsule Dragons Universe. For those of you who do not remember or know, Capsule Dragons Universe was a cancelled prototype of a new Capsule Dragons game, where the player had twenty different weapons to run, jump, and attack with through exploring single-screen levels.

This concept of different weapons leads me to conclude to a new, arcade-style game. In Capsule Dragons Tower, the player explores an infinitely-high tower filled with enemies and randomly-generated single-screen levels. Every enemy can instantly defeat your player… but luckily, every five levels (one floor) you go through, you gain a different (or if lucky, the same) weapon to use to progress through the tower. Eventually, the player will encounter harder enemies with more health. The player can only get attacked twice before returning to the start, so see how far you can get and try to get a world high score!

The beta’s release will be Early Summer 2019, and the game comes out Summer 2019. Now, whatever happened to Capsule Dragons HD, I wonder?

Capsule Dragons Tower launches Summer 2019 on , so check on my account page for any updates (besides here, the official Capsule Dragons website!).

Good day to all you people out there,


Remember that battle game with a demo uploaded here, called “Super Speedy Laser Cats”? This is what’s being worked on right now, while Capsule Dragons HD is a side project. Capsule Dragons HD is so close to being done, but it still needs a lot of testing, music and sounds, and maybe animation. This quick development update is mostly to say that Super Speedy Laser Cats, a four-player battle platformer game, without a release date, is being worked on now while Capsule Dragons HD is being finished.  Super Speedy Laser Cats is getting bugfixes, gameplay balance updates (?) and more! Trying not to add too much content, the game is going well, however, it is not the time to announce a release date yet because the game is not close to completion.

That means Capsule Dragons HD’s release date of early 2020 has been moved to early 2021, which is from delays being with the game not being done yet. There are still quite a few music tracks left to make…

Right now for Capsule Dragons HD there are some bugs where the player goes into a new Chapter/section of the game and the boss there doesn’t say the right thing for that area.  Update: bug fixed! The game is looking nice (HD) in vector graphics.

Oh, and some more information on Capsule Dragons Adventure– this project is just not being worked on right now. There are a lot of things going on with Capsule Dragons HD and Super Speedy Laser Cats, so Capsule Dragons Adventure will not have a release date yet or any new information– most of the game is being redone, including sprites, levels, music, and more. If it’s going to be a good game, it needs to be polished up and have enough content, but not too many features, for the player to enjoy. It’s a large-scale project being mostly redone, so if a release date were announced, that would have to get pushed back even further than Capsule Dragons HD’s release date, meaning there’s no specified time when the game will be ready.

Capsule Dragons Super Dash is available to play on the Capsule Dragons website! It’s an infinite runner where you have to dodge stuff. 

play Capsule Dragons Soccer Smash on your phone, tablet, or computer at

play Capsule Dragons Super Dash on your phone, tablet, or computer here!

Some news about Super Speedy Laser Cats: There will be new ‘battle rules’ that you can use to customize gameplay– not all of them are finalized, so I can’t share that information –but they might be things like adjusting how often powerups spawn, how much damage each cat takes, etc. The project is going well, and Capsule Dragons HD keeps getting new additions as well.

Capsule Dragons HD, on Scratch, comes out Early 2021. A finalized release date should be ready in early 2020, with the temporary release date (listed) as Early 2021. Look forward to more features, a score tracker, and more! Can you get the world high score? (When it comes out of course… busy with Super Speedy Laser Cats)

Go check out the Capsule Dragons HD tab on the webpage- it got updated as of today! (January 2019)

Working on a new project:

Super Speedy Laser Cats

It’s a multiplayer battle game you can download the demo for, here! Look forward to more news on it later, maybe more demos. Full game doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s coming along very well. Updates about it are at the top of this page.

Special code to play as Icey (In Capsule Dragons HD/Demo): Shiny1

More special codes coming soon!!

Capsule Dragons HD demo comes out this Friday (5th or 6th year of Capsule Dragons). It’s a remake of the original Capsule Dragons game, and both the original and HD are built in Scratch ( , not owned by me or ). Capsule Dragons HD is getting its own presentation, and the link will be put up soon (requires Adobe Flash, also not owned by me or this site, but is a presentation in Scratch. If you’re on a device that can’t use Scratch, use the other link I’ll post soon).

Link to Capsule Dragons HD presentation for web browsers that support Scratch: 

(use left and right arrow keys to cycle through presentation)

(make sure to click the fullscreen button, and the green flag button)

Capsule Dragons Adventure development is currently paused. The project has been worked on a lot, and now I’m taking a break for a while, so stay tuned for release date information on the second demo (the game has no final release date yet, but the second demo will feature all levels from the first world, which are not shown in the demo already released). I look forward to making more Capsule Dragons Adventure levels, but for now, a break will be good.

Stay tuned for updates on what the next demo could have!!

Capsule Dragons Adventure Demo- Out Now!

The link above goes to the Capsule Dragons Adventure Demo post there is now a demo of Capsule Dragons Adventure to download.

Latest announcement:  Capsule Dragons Adventure has been delayed by a little bit. Look forward to the new platformer adventure having a second demo soon! Check the “newest game” page for more details.

Well, after a hard few days of working on the new melee attack in Capsule Dragons Adventure, the FIRE CLAW! It does 3x more damage than your ranged fireball attack, but you gain one third the normal amount of EXP for the fire claw attack, so if you want to level up, go look for some Dragonfruits and use fireballs. Or, before fighting a boss, go look for some dragonfruits, then use the fire claw. With the melee attack, the game is way more fun! Update: Fire Claw works for both players very well.  It also does more damage now.

Remember back when Capsule Dragons One was announced? Our new players may think of it as a prequel to Capsule Dragons Adventure, but Capsule Dragons One is actually WAY before Capsule Dragons Adventure- which makes the series get a little interesting if you’re a new player who hasn’t played the original Scratch games listed here yet. The remake of the first game is more like a remastering: the levels will be longer, the graphics updated, and a level select to really polish the original game. There will be an intro cutscene, an ending cutscene, and SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! Two ending cutscenes, one for the bad ending, and one for the good ending. To get the right one, you will have to figure it out on your own, or ask a fan for help. (END OF SPOILERS) The remake currently  is being planned out, and one of the new features will be 4-player multiplayer, so get ready for an adventure worth playing!

Capsule Dragons Adventure FINALLY has pausing/un-pausing now!

Also, the demo for Capsule Dragons Adventure will be available to play online on the Capsule Dragons website once it is completely done. The first three levels will be available to play. The level redesign is going well so far, along with making the levels have “puzzle rooms”, areas with a puzzle and some picture clues in the background, along with making the levels longer. The first level originally took about maybe 1 minute or 45 seconds to clear, but now it takes about two minutes if you speedrun through. Normally playing the level would be about three minutes, but it’s supposed to be a short level. Also, please note that these times are my records, and for other players who don’t know all the game’s secrets, it will probably take longer for them to complete. The second level is currently under the re-level-designing process and is almost done!

I’ve been updating this faster now, because of all the great new features coming to Capsule Dragons Adventure! Over the past few days, I’ve added “dragon fruits” (Get it? Like a dragonfruit?)  That the players can eat to increase their fire rate. Find all 6 in most levels, and you’ll be breathing fire the fastest in that level! Then you can do a crazy fireball storm or something like that! Do tons of damage! And, of course, I’ve been reworking the levels yet again to be better, fixed up (no more glitch areas where you’ll go flying through walls and land upside down) with quite a few graphical enhancements to the first world. So far… …I do have to retexture all of the levels, which means that the game is taking a lot more time to work on, and sometimes delete one I didn’t like and completely redo it. However, the levels are now easier to make thanks to 9-sliced sprites that look better, have proper pixel dimensions in the power of 2s, for example, the 192×192 pixel images are now better looking to match the game’s new art style and are 256×256 pixels. The 2-player co op has been working quite well and the story for the game has been finalized, but the dialog boxes and cutscenes will be worked on much later. Also, a surprise announcement about Capsule Dragons 4! Capsule Dragons 4 has not yet been canceled, and neither has Capsule Dragons Universe, but the levels in Capsule Dragons 4 are not going to be randomly generated. Sorry! But the game will still have all the original features like supporting ziino memory cards to use with the game so you don’t have to download the game to use save data, and a few new features. Capsule Dragons Universe does not have a release date and is not currently being worked on as of 2016, and now through 2017, so stay tuned for more information! Oh.. and one more announcement. There will be a Capsule Dragons Adventure II, but there will still be a sequel to Capsule Dragons Adventure that isn’t Adventure II, if that makes any sense. My point is that Capsule Dragons Adventure II will be the prequel to the game after Capsule Dragons Adventure, which could possibly mess up the storyline, but since there may be some unexplained plot elements of Capsule Dragons Adventure, Adventure II will hopefully explain those.

Wow, Capsule Dragons Adventure has been in development for 2 years already! It was started on June 24th, 2015 or so. I have a lot of new features in the game to explain! As you can see, these screenshots show a cave level in the first world. There are little torches on the walls that glow, too! Another big thing is that with a new version of the game engine I have been using, I can now have the water be buoyant, and the dragons will either float or sink. Some water in the game is dense, and other water can be walked through easily. Oh! I almost forgot to mention that the fireballs now glow in Capsule Dragons Adventure. Their glow can be seen easily in a cave level like this, but in other levels with more light, the glow isn’t that easy to spot.

Capsule Dragons in water


However, these features are spoilers for Capsule Dragons Adventure…

Except for a graphics update!

-Lighting in Capsule Dragons Adventure (this makes the graphics pretty)

-“9 Slice Sprites” (these also make the levels prettier)

Update: 2 Player Co-op is now completely fixed.



Now that new features have been added that I have been secretly been working on over the past few days and weeks, there is now:

-All new (SPOILER ALERT) Mini Reactor Cores, small collectibles that are hidden throughout Capsuletopia. You can collect them to unlock new characters, hidden levels, and challenge the very true final boss. However… The Mini Reactor Cores are not a currency, and will not be used up.

If you’re new to the series, like many others, don’t worry about Capsule Dragons Adventure being really hard! The game is going to be simple to play, with some unique controls, and the on-screen buttons on a tablet and smartphone are now going to be easier to use, and won’t actually be on the area of the game where you play. I know that sounds confusing, but a few screenshots should be ready for the game soon. Also, the demo has been scheduled to come out earlier than I needed it to, so check back soon!.. So far, the “PC” version of the game is going well, and the tablet/smartphone version is at this point unable to handle the game… the tablet/smartphone version can’t handle all the enemies and calculations as of January 2019 / December 2018.

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