see Capsule Dragons HD demo for more information: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/266713224/

Capsule Dragons is a series of games that is getting its first real game, finally. It has been developed through Scratch, and the Scratch programming software is owned by MIT, but each game so far has been very small and —not fully developed. You can read more about its “real game” on the “Newest Game” page.

About the website: Here is the official and only real Capsule Dragons website! I usually announce the new games here, announce new characters, and anything that is new and upcoming*. “What about old?” Well, the series’ first game has been out for about 4 years, but because it was released on November 30th, which is not always every year, sometimes it will say “made 2 years ago” or something similar. Also, the Capsule Dragons site now longer supports playing the games on the website itself (Thank you, developers of Scratch, for making Scratch 3.0! Now Capsule Dragons HD can be played on a phone or tablet when it comes out!)

*Information announced on this site are usually about games still in development, so do not take anything said on this website as final information!

About the series: Capsule Dragons games are all fun and positive games, especially being friendly towards anyone (gamers, non-gamers, older people, younger people, people who work, etc.) and are always striving for the value of fun- that’s one of the priorities I have when developing the games. The series started a while back (eh, 5 years) as a simple game without good physics, so it’s come along since then. As an indie series, I’ve been giving Capsule Dragons games (later ones) more quality than usual.

About me: What? Reading about the author of the website / director / main programmer / artist / sound designer of the Capsule Dragons series?? Well, I’m an indie game developer / designer. I focus on game design (not necessarily level design, but I do that too!) while keeping my latest projects in Unity and Scratch up to date. I work on other things besides Capsule Dragons, so anything I work on is discussed at this website!! I’m usually busy working on an indie game at some point or another.

Copyright policy / licensing / etc.: I will update this section when applicable / when I hear what the rules about copyright and licensing for my games is. As of now this is left blank because I need an official response.

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