Latest Game

Been working on an RPG for a long time, it’s unrelated to Capsule Dragons. It should be done after it’s being reviewed (currently, the review process is 1/100 done) and if a demo appears on this site, you’ll be able to send feedback about my RPG directly to me, through the feedback page here at Capsule Dragons official website. I can’t really discuss anything else about the game (it’s taken a long time to make, but I’ve worked my hardest on it).

Stay safe, have fun, make wise choices


oh, forgot to mention… Ultra Battles Countered is available now on my Scratch profile! I’ll put up a link when possible (busy with that RPG, eh?). It’s a small game that you might want to check out. Maybe not. Anyways, Capsule Dragons game development is paused. RPG development is back on track. Capsule Dragons Adventure no longer has a specified release date, so I’ll give one much later! As for Capsule Dragons HD, that’s about 75% done now, so all what I need for this HD game is just a bit more music and animation. Capsule Dragons Tower is cancelled for now, might come back as a non-capsule-dragons game. I’m busy with a few other things. Anyway, independent video game development is interesting… It takes dedication!